Multi vitamin 20 sache


About the product:

Multivitamin 20 sachet is a protein supplement available in multiple flavors and includes whey protein isolate. It is also rich in proteins, which contributes to increasing and maintaining muscle mass and normal bones. Although it contains a high percentage of fiber, it supports the life and development of microorganisms present in the digestive tract. This, in turn, supports the immune system and contributes to the regulation of the digestive system. In addition to all of that, this product is distinguished by its contribution to reducing fatigue and exhaustion.

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How to use:

There are many ways in which Multivitamin 20 sachet can be used, and the following are the most important:

  • Take it by mixing it with 200% light milk, lactose-free milk, soy milk or yogurt.
  • It can be mixed with warm, previously cooked foods.
  • It is recommended that only one packet per day be used for adults.


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