Future Clinic

It is a specialized medical company that provides treatment, beauty, and body care services in Turkey, through an integrated medical team with up to 4 years of experience in various medical specialties. It also provides permanent additional services to patients and beneficiaries, such as: reception from the airport, hosting throughout the treatment trip, and scheduling times. As it seeks to provide a unique treatment experience for patients from beginning to end.

What distinguishes us

The services we provide at Future Clinic take into account giving the patient an effective and ideal treatment experience, and the following are the advantages of these services:

  1. Treatment in the best hospitals.
  2. Accommodation in 5 star hotels.
  3. Providing a Turkish SIM card to the patient.
  4. Providing a free transportation card for the patient.
  5. Follow up with doctors with more than 20 years of experience.
  6. Providing the latest cars for transportation during the treatment trip.
  7. Possibility of going to a specialist doctor if necessary.
  8. Possibility of conducting an inspection via video call before the patient arrives.
  9. The medical staff visits the patient at the hotel constantly for examination and reassurance.
  10. Providing translation services from the moment of arrival to the airport and throughout the medical trip.
  11. Join the patient in a WhatsApp group for operations to inquire from previous clients.

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