About the product:

THE MOSSI LONDON hair collection includes versatile products

  • 4 boxes of shampoo to treat hair loss, 200 ml.
  • 3 tablets of hair vitamins, 120 tablets.
  • 2 formula ozonated hair oil 50 ml.
  • Serum formula for treating hair loss.
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How to use:

Hair loss treatment shampoo: Place a sufficient amount on the scalp, moisten with water, and then massage with gentle movements. Wash with an appropriate amount of water after a while, avoiding contact of the shampoo with the eyes.

Hair vitamin tablets: Take two tablets a day in the morning and evening on a full stomach.

Ozonized hair oil: Apply in sufficient quantity to the desired area two or three times a week, and the hair scalp must be washed after at least an hour using Mossi Hair Loss Shampoo.

Hair loss treatment serum: Apply a sufficient amount to the required area once a day, then wait an hour and wash the scalp afterwards.


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