Our beneficiary’s story:

After communicating with A. With us, we have taken the following measures:

  1. Evaluation of his medical condition by a doctor.
  2. Find out what type of operation is best suited for him and make sure of that.
  3. Make agreed-upon reservations: hospital, hotel, transportation.
  4. Receive him from the airport and conduct a free inspection to determine the time of the operation.
  5. Perform the operation and give him all medical instructions.
  6. Conduct a pre-travel check to ensure safety.

An operation date was scheduled for: 07.08.2021 at BİRİNCİ INTERNATIONAL HASTANESİ Hospital

After an hour of medical intervention, A. Muhammad came out of the operation and it was successful. Today, Muhammad weighs 77 kilograms and enjoys a happy life with his family.

Beneficiary information

(Suitable and successful for people whose BMI ranges from 29 to 42)

  • Beneficiary Name
    Ziad Mohammed
  • the weight
    135 kg
  • height
    174 cm
  • Lifestyle
    Average activity
  • Symptoms
    Obesity, excess weight, hormonal disturbance, difficulty breathing, joint pain, and increased appetite
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