Treatment of reproductive diseases

Our company, Future Clinic, provides the service of treating venereal diseases to all patients who suffer from erection problems and other problems, through accurate diagnosis of the condition based on qualified doctors with long experience in the field, thus following a comprehensive treatment plan that contributes to the complete treatment of venereal diseases in the end. And reach full recovery.

Advantages of treating venereal diseases in Türkiye

The treatment of venereal diseases in Türkiye, specifically through our company Future Clinic, is unique in the following:

  1. The high efficiency of the available doctors, whether Turkish or foreign.
  2. Relying on the latest technologies and medical devices for treatment.
  3. Average cost: The prices for erection treatments and surgeries are reasonable.
  4. An integrated treatment experience that includes distinguished tourist tours.

What do we offer in treating venereal diseases?

Our venereal disease treatment service at Future Clinic includes:

  1. Flexible support.
  2. Hydraulic prop.
  3. Relying on the latest technologies and medical devices for treatment.
  4. Peyronie’s treatment.
  5. Lengthening, enlarging or enlarging the penis.
  6. Treatment of kidney stones.
  7. Treatment of prostate diseases and cancer.

Frequently asked questions about treatment of venereal diseases

How many hours does penis enlargement surgery take?

If penis enlargement or lengthening operations are performed simultaneously, the procedure then takes between 2-3 hours.

What are the potential benefits of penile implant surgery?

Among these benefits are: the ability to have an erection, the ability to have sex, and improving the quality of life.

What is the stage of prostate treatment?

There are different types of prostate diseases, and therefore the methods used to treat these diseases differ, but there are a set of general steps in treatment, which are:
1- Conducting the necessary examinations and tests for diagnosis.
2- Determine the available treatment options and choose the best route .
3- Initiate therapy practices.
4- Follow up and review on a regular basis.

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